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Commercial roofing involves more than just replicating what goes into a residential job onto a commercial building. With commercial roofing, the square footage is much larger and the materials and roof designs can differ greatly. In order to accommodate these unique disparities, commercial roofers must rely on a bank of in-depth experience specific to commercial projects. Collectively, Level Roofing has decades of experience in commercial roofing, and our team is ready to assist your business however we can.



Short for thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO is made of recycled rubber that is manufactured in sheets in various widths. TPO is also a natural reflective surface to reflect UV rays.


Also known as polyvinyl chloride, PVC is another single-ply solution that is durable and cost-effective.


Modified bitumen (mod-bit) is an asphalt-based roofing solution that has been around for decades. It’s used exclusively for flat roofs or those with a low pitch.


Metal panels are ideal for commercial buildings because they require little maintenance and are extremely durable.


Often seen on residential buildings, tile roofs are also an option for commercial buildings, giving the building an aesthetically pleasing look that’s hard to beat.


Silicone is a popular pick for commercial roofing because it is both affordable and durable.


Everything old can be new again with a retro-fit roofing system. These solutions add new components to an existing flat structure to improve the stability and lifetime of the roof.


Similar to a retro-fit, an overlay encompasses laying new material over the existing roof. This allows you to save time and money by not having to remove the existing roof.

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