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Chances are you’ll run into issues with your home’s roof at some point in your time as a homeowner. If roof problems are keeping you up at night, it’s time to call Level Roofing. The experienced team at Level Roofing can handle everything from a simple fix to an entire roof replacement. And with a variety of affordable roofing types available, we’ll have you leveled up in no time.



The most popular roofing material, shingles are
affordable, durable, and come in many different colors.


Typically made of either clay or concrete, tile roofs are long-lasting and
provide a Spanish or Mediterranean flare to homes.


Environmentally friendly and extremely resilient, metal roofs offer
low maintenance and a unique design aesthetic.


Modified bitumen (mod-bit) is an asphalt-based roofing solution that has been around
for decades. It’s used exclusively for flat roofs or those with a low pitch.


wind mitigation reports

We may be able to save you money on your homeowner’s insurance by determining your roof’s ability to hold up under strong winds.

Inspection & Maintenance

Let us look for leaks, damage, or extreme wear and tear that can impact the life of your roof. 

Roof Repair

Roof problems are not something you can just live with. Our skilled team has experience in repairing roof problems, including improperly installed roofs and those damaged by weather.

Roof Replacement

There comes a time when a roof can no longer be repaired. When that happens, a new roof is a good idea and a sound investment for your home.

New Construction

We love working with builders to install a new roof on someone’s brand new home.

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